After being at our beck and call for 12 years straight, we are sadly saying goodbye to the Auris nameplate.  However not to be disheartened –  as they say with all bad times means good times are coming, we are making way for all things exciting! Our long lost friend and best-selling model the Toyota Corolla will making its debut return for 2019.

The Toyota Corolla is known as a global sensation with sales of a staggering 45 million. Today, it still remains as the world’s most popular car since being introduced in 1966; that’s an amazing 52 years since our automotive star was born!


The Corolla originated from the idea of meeting the changing needs of commuters in Japan’s developing economy in the 1960’s. This is still a core principle of Toyota today as their vehicles are implemented and designed to continue to meet the ever-changing needs of their consumers.

One of the most iconic Corollas would be the Corolla AE86 Levin which was introduced in the mid-1980’s. Its sporty design quickly became the choice race and rally professionals which admired the playfulness and reliability of the vehicle.  The most famous was the white over black model which appeared in the classic drifting film ‘Initial D’. This 1995 hit focused on the story of a drifting king who raced the roads at night in his chosen vehicle which was of course, the Corolla AE86 Levin.

All New Corolla


Fast-forward to 2018 and the Corolla has made its debut return after being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The Corolla has launched into the C-Segment and is available in three body styles; Hatchback, Touring Sports and Saloon.

The all new Corolla will excel in areas of design, comfort and technology. It’s sleek and futuristic look will give off a distinctive and sporty appeal. The progression in the Corollas technology now means that you can choose between Its 1.8 and 2.0 litre hybrid options. Whichever engine you choose you can guarantee the smoothest of rides with the lowest CO2 emissions and best-in-class fuel consumption.

All New Corolla

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