What if it’s possible to have it all? The all new Toyota Highlander is a Hybrid that offers the best of both worlds.
It has the power to cruise at speed on long motorway road trips, but low CO₂ emissions for inner-city traffic. It handles outstandingly, performing equally well on steep mountain climbs as urban commutes. Its streamlined design makes a serious style statement, while a luxurious interior comfortably fits the whole family – with adaptable storage space for any luggage requirements. Imagine a car without compromise. Imagine the all new Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

The world is changing fast. So is the way we travel. The all new Toyota Highlander embodies this adaptable
spirit, thanks to the options its 2.5-litre Petrol Hybrid engine gives. Choose how you drive with NORMAL,
ECO and SPORT modes, all with their own performance personality to suit you. The all new Highlander Hybrid
goes above and beyond its class, allowing you to customise and maximise the efficiency of your drive.
Whichever mode you choose, you’ll find acceleration, power and responsiveness, as well as a quiet and
comfortable ride.