Prius+ has been purposely engineered to harmonise all aspects of aerodynamics, space and design. Whilst Prius+ inherits and evolves from the styling of Prius, it also boasts a unique rear design to accommodate a large luggage space and a contoured roof with a spoiler. Prius+ is big on space, yet sports a silhouette that is both eye-catching and streamlined for optimum fuel efficiency.

Prius+ offers exceptional levels of space and comfort, with the ability to accommodate 7 adults and a boot space of 232* litres. Or simply fold the 3rd row seats down for a total of 784* litres. With three independent, split folding 3rd tier, you can create almost any combination to suit your needs, whether you simply want more room for passengers to stretch out and relax or need space top load longer items such as skis.

There’s clever storage everywhere too – from a centre console box to a 345 mm-deep compartment under the floor – big enough to take a week’s food shopping.